Marmi Collections

The Most Desired Stone. Curated for Ease.

Marmi Collections offer sophisticated design with easy fulfillment. Each Collection curates a range of rare and beautiful stone options with a convenient and flexible way to tailor application-specific selections that can be integrated across your project.

The Architecture & Landscape Collection

With magnificent stones and a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and textures the Marmi Architecture and Landscape Collection supports both elevated and practical design needs of landscape for indoor and outdoor living—walls, floors, paths, entryways, pools, fire pits and more. At the collection’s heart is a highly curated range of stones, quarried in distinct regions across the globe. Timeless limestones and travertines lead the way with versatility, resilience, and warmth. Coral stones, with their extensive fossil patterns, contribute character while bluestone, basalt, and sandstone lend gravitas and elegance. This Collection is distinguished by its superior material structure, ideal movement, and chic texture options.

Standard Sizes and Finished


Available in 2cm and 3cm

12” x 24”
16” x 16”
16” x 32”
18” x 18”
18” x 36”
24” x 24”
24” x 36”
24” x 48”
32” x 32”
36” x 36”

Pool Coping

Available in 5cm and 8cm

12” x 36”
12” x 48”
16” x 24”
18” x 36”
18” x 48”




Additional finishes available upon request

Large Format 4 – Piece Ashlar Pattern

Porto Beige Antiqued

Kahla Grey Brushed


Carved Elements

Countertops & Surfaces

Exterior Cladding

Exterior Pavers

Interior Cladding

Interior Flooring

Pool Coping

Freeze Thaw*