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Tear Sheet

Lot 853B

Lot 1383A

Lot 1383C

Lot 1383D

Lot 1505B-1

Lot 1885A-1

Lot 1885B-1

Lot 2231C-BM


As each slab is unique, average sizes will vary according to the individual lot and availability.

Non-standard sizes may be special ordered.


Most of our slabs are available in 2cm (3/4”), 3cm (1 ¼”); some are available in 5cm (1 15/16”).

However, different thicknesses may be special ordered.


Standard finishes are polished and honed, however specialty and custom finishes such as leathered, brushed, acid washed, and bush hammered are available upon request.

All special requests and custom orders will be taken on an individual basis. Please contact your Design & Sales Consultant for additional options and availability.

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