Architectural Digest, October 2015

Date: October 5, 2015

Hollywood producer, Tate Taylor, a Mississippi native always wanted to live in an antebellum home.  As he was scouting shoot locations for his movie, The Help, he found the perfect place in Church Hill, Mississippi, a tiny community just north of Natchez: Wyolah Plantation, a 100-acre spread with a three-story Greek Revival dwelling, constructed in 1836, and eight outbuildings.

To help with Wyolah’s decor, Taylor called on his friend Shawn Henderson, a Manhattan-based designer whose ardently contemporary taste admittedly contrasts with Taylor’s admiration for all things antique.  Marmi worked with Shawn, Tate, the architect and construction team on a 3 year renovation that added 11 new baths, a full third floor with four bedrooms en suite and a small kitchen and laundry room. The second floor got kitchen and laundry facilities.

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